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Sunday, August 23, 2009

// Radish + Barcode Scanner

I am proud announce my two new t-shirt designs for the Woven Project, a clothing company based out of Boston. For more info, plus the online store, click here. Enter affiliate code "joe" at checkout to get a 10% discount! All these shirts are printed on American Apparel.

radish - from Latin radix, radic- ‘root’
roots - family, ethnic, or cultural origins, esp. as the reasons for one’s long standing emotional attachment to a place or community
radical - of or relating to the root of something

"The barcode scanner is symbolic of our society's pension for rapid consumerism and its twisted laser represents how the movement for "think globally act locally" diligently works in opposition."

Shirts woven, sewn, printed and dyed in America on 100% organic cotton. Printed using non-PVC water based inks in Massachusetts!

Order some shirts!

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